Moment Highlights

Built To Last

Using quality materials, tough  finishes, and innovative designs, the Moment is  made to be dependable.


Dozens of innovative designs offer cutting edge performance, comfort, strength, & weight savings.

Flight Tested

Thousands of flight hours and hundreds of design updates insure the Moment is thouroughly tested for stress, longitivity, and ease of operation. 


The Moment offers a combinatrion of strength, light weight, comfort, and unique features to appeal to beginner, intermediate, experienced, and acro pilots.


The cage easily disassebles and assembles in minutes without any tools. For more compact travel, the main frame breaks down in under 5 minutes to fit in suitcases.

Strength To Weight

The Moment is not the lightest paramotor, but its super tough, capable of handling power forwards, hard landings, and beginner abuse with grace.

Stable Base

Super wide footprint so it will not easily fall over in transport or with a gust of wind.


Our harness utilizes generpous padding, numerous adjustability, offers excellent weightshift capability to accomodate how you fly, and is easy to go from hanging to in your seat.


The torque and hang points are easy to change to easily accommodates small, light, large, or heavy pilots.


Our weldless, bolted frame makes it easy to quickly replace any damaged part. Use of repetitive parts makes it easy to carry spares.

Torque Fins

Using innovative torque compensating fins, the motor and propellor torque is significantly reduced.

Wheel Capable

Easily adapts and converts to wheels for stress-free take-offs & landing in light winds.


A nice collection of accessories are currently available, with many more in development.

Double Ring Cage

Offers superb strength and protection to keep paraglider lines and body parts from getting into the prop.


Fully surrounds cage with no big gaps to keep you and youre stuff from getting into the prop. Made knotless dyneema, its tough, yet easy to repair or replace.

DIY Build Kit

Save more with our fun and easy Do-It-Yourself Build Kit. Using our clear and detailed assembly manual, you can build your Moment is 1 to 2 days.

Made In the USA

Designed, tested, and assembled in Arizona. Many components and finishes are made in USA.


We stock a complete line of frames and spare parts, ready for immediate shipping or pickup.

Competitive Pricing

Lower prices compared to other paramotors.


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A Special Moment
Timeless Moment
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Light. Strong. Comfortable. Low Torque. Quick Disassembly. Affordable.

Design criteria:
+Strong cage and frame, fully capable of full power forwards, protects pilot on hard landings
+Footlauch and wheel-launch capable, easy, quick conversion to either.
+Light weight, I'm pushing to approach Miniplane and AC weights with a significantly stronger design
+Super comfy, easy to get in seat. Dudek has this figured out with the Power Comfort harness. No need to reinvent this wheel.
+Super easy breakdown for travel, no tools required, cage assembly/ disassembly in less than 2 minutes, harness/ spreader arm removal in less than 2 minutes, lower legs/base, less than 2 minutes. That's under 5 minutes to go completely disassembled with the harness off the machine from a space smaller than the trunk of a small car to fly ready.
+Easy torque and hang point change systems to accommodate small to large and light to heavy pilots
+Innovative torque compensation using several technologies, easy tuning with minimal tools (Allen tool)
+High quality materials, construction, and finish. Aircraft aluminum plate and tubing, stainless steel hardware, custom Delrin for spacers, kevlar lines. Lots of CNC pieces. Anodized or powder coated parts.
+No welds. Use of bolts, nuts and rivets to fasten materials together. Makes it very strong and easy to manufacture, inventory, breakdown for shipping, and parts replacement.
+Cost containment to keep the unit affordable.
+Use of repetitive elements (all cage and arm pieces identical, repetitive spacers, locking tabs, and hardware use) to make it easier for manufacture, inventory, assembly, parts replacement, and cost reduction.
+Built to be flown and to handle even extreme beginner abuse.
+Netting, fully surrounds cage (with no big gaps) to keep things and limbs from getting into the prop, very easy to replace and build.
+Innovative, easy, durable and user friendly net and cage tensioning systems.
+Accommodates all the major motors on the market.
+3 fuel tank options, 10L, 12L, 18L

Home Page

The Moment Paramotor originated as a quest to build the best paramotor possible within a demanding set of design criteria: strong, lightweight, comfortable, easy and fun assembly kit, upgrade options, quick folding for transport or travel, repeating parts and hardware, competitive pricing, quality components, and innovative safety features.

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Top 10 reasons to Buy a Moment V2 Paramotor

1. Assembly Choices
The Moment is available as an easy and fun Easy2Build option or Ready2Fly fully assembled paramotor. You can choose the Easy2Build option where you assemble it yourself with our super detailed assembly manual, or choose the Ready2Fly option to have it professionally assembled and shipped to you ready to fly.

The Easy2Build option is a detailed kit where you assemble your paramotor using only basic tools. It's like an adult legos or erector-set that you can fly when your are finished. This is a great option for those who prefer Do-It-Yourself projects, enjoy a build process, liked legos as a kid, and look to save a bit of money. Our detailed Moment Assembly Manual guides you step-by-step though the entire process. We are always here to help, or ask the community of Moment flyers in the Moment Forum.

2. Safety Features
Moment paramotors are well-known for their safe operation and reliability. Every part of the Moment paramotor is thoroughly tested in-house and through years of real world use. The Moment Paramotor has a number of design criteria that highlights safety: strong construction techniques, wide ground base for stable transport and ground starting, super strong frame, full coverage netting, throttle cable management, minimal torque design, and double hoop cage.

3. Superior Quality
The Moment Paramotor is built using precision machining tolerances and quality materials, parts and finishes. The Moment is built to last, to be flown often, and travelled with. We didn’t cut corners in the design, fabrication, parts selection or assembly.

4. Made For Travel
The Moment was designed from the ground up to be ideal for travel. The Moment cage breaks down easily and compactly in a few minutes to fit in a small bag. The spreader arms and harness can be quickly removed from the Moment frame. And the Moment frame can be further disassembled to fit in small luggage in less than 15 minutes. The entire Moment reassembly can be done in less than 20 minutes from pieces in luggage to ready to fly.

5. Competitive Price
We have been careful to keep costs as low as possible. This gives us the ability sell our products at lower prices. If you look at other paramotors for sale, our pricing is consistently lower. Also, we offer savings in the form of a Easy2Build option, which simplifies our inventory, keeps shipping costs down, allows us to ship quicker, and reduces our assembly time.

6. Upgradability
One of the most innovative and unique features of the Moment Paramotor concept is upgradability. When you buy a Moment Paramotor, you can upgrade it later to the newest version as we develop new features and updates. We keep supporting Moment Paramotors as we develop new features and functionality. Upgrades are a great way for our customers to save money and also to learn about the construction of the Moment paramotor. A few years ago, we introduced the original Moment V1 and it is upgradable to many of the newest features and updates of the current Moment V2. See the Moment V2 Updates.

7. Active Community
The community around our products is active and growing and the feedback we recieve is overwhelmingly positive. We value our customers input and listen carefully to any product suggestions, issues, or accessory recommendations. Check out our Facebook groups and YouTube videos.

8. Great User Support
Moment Paramotors come with detailed instructions and guides for easy assembly and maintenance. You can also visit our FAQ's, community forum, Facebook groups and official Blog, where we publish useful tips, tricks and more!

9. Accessories Galore
From lights, to travel bags, to propellor spacers, to engine gauges, the Moment Paramotor has a growing assortment of accessories to compliment your needs. The Moment paramotor can be easily converted from a foot-launch system to a wheel-launch system. We are working on a super easy wheel system for the Moment.

10. Designed and Assembled in USA
The Moment Paramotor was designed, tested, manufactured, assembled, and shipped at Airparamo’s purpose-built facilities, located south of Phoenix, Arizona between Maricopa and Casa Grande next to Ak Chin Airport (A39). We suncontract with many local, national, and international sources to maintain excellent quality and competitve pricing.

Moment Paramotor Features

Our innovative products are the result of years of research and testing. We design paramotors to elevate safety, function, reliability, and aesthetics. We continually make improvements and strive for excellence in form and function.

The Moment frame is designed to be portable, easily and quickly disassembling to fit in the smallest of cars, but just as quickly reassembles in minutes. The frame and cage is durable and forgiving for student flyers, yet has the performance demanded by expert pilots. The bolted aluminum frame and cage are incredibly strong and lightweight. The dual hoop design adds to the overall rigidity, protects the propeller during takeoffs and hard landings, and is fully capable of full-power forwards or wheel launches. The netting is made of a super tough knotless dyneema weave in an innovative design that keeps you safe from the propellor and is easy to install and replace. The spreader arms are comfortable, adjustable, allow generous weightshift, and strong enough for demanding pilots and acro manuvers.

Quality Manufacturing
We have systematic processes that we developed and tested to ensure quality, consistency, and keeping costs in line. This also involves making sure we offer top quality services and parts. We do this by doing ongoing internal and external quality controls, and creating systems to organize the manufacturing, assembly, and shipping processes. All Moment components are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art computer-aided design, FDM 3D printing, and precision CNC manufacturing.

The Moment uses 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for the main frame components that offers high strength, high fatigue, low weight, good machinability, good corrosion resistance, and low cost. For its weight, 6061-T6 aluminum is comparable in strength to many strong steel alloys or titanium. It is ideal for high-stressed components, such as a paramotor frame.

Delrin is the material used for many smaller parts on the Moment. Delrin acetal homopolymer (Polyoxymethylene POM) works as an excellent replacement for metal because of its high-tensile strength, low-friction and high-wear resistance, creep and warp resistance, and overall durability. Delrin exhibits low moisture absorption and is chemically resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents, and neutral chemicals.

Metal parts are finished by anodization and UV resistant powder coating. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. More durable than liquid paints, powder coating is a dry process where the powder is applied and then cured under heat. It provides great resilience and durability. Products with the applied powder coating can withstand extreme weather conditions, chemicals, moisture, and wear.

The Moment is fastened together using type grade 12 steel bolts and lock nuts. This combination offers high strength, low weight, low maintenance, and low cost.

Construction Material Choices
For the Moment Paramotor, we chose 6061-T6 aluminum alloy as the primary material for the main frame, cage arms, cage hoops, and spreader arms. It offers incredible strength and flexibility for its weight, machines superbly, bends nicely, is extremely tolerant of vibrations and jarring from general use and our engines, is able to be anodized (finished) nicely, and allows us to keep our costs down.

Most airplanes are manufactured using aluminum alloys as a primary structural material and as an exterior covering. Aluminum alloys offer huge advantages compared to other aviation materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, composites, and wood) in weight savings, lower costs, strong yet flexible, tolerant of vibration, uniformity, etc. By using aluminum to construct airplane bodies, aerospace manufacturing companies can create lighter, stronger, more cost effective aircraft than their counterparts made of other materials.

Steel alloys, especially 4130 chrome alloy steel, is another viable material choice. It is very strong, flexible, resilient, tolerant of bending, and can be welded more easily than aluminum. But steel is heavy and so the parts thicknesses must be significantly smaller than with aluminum alloys. Also, most strong steel alloys cost more than aluminum alloys. And steel rusts, so it needs to be protected from the elements.

Stainless steel is another viable material option. It is similar to steel, but not as strong, generally costs a bit more than steel, and is not as strong as 4130 steel. Stainless has a beautiful natural finish.

Titanium is another viable material option. But it is extremely costly and difficult to source in the USA. It is lighter that steel and very strong, flexible, and tolerant of bending. It can be welded, but the process is complex and not many welders can weld titanium.

The use of composites is becoming more and more common in commercial aircraft manufacturing and they are extremely effective, but the process comes with its own challenges. Composites are lighter and, because of the layered material, are stronger than traditional aluminum. Composites are also more versatile in shape. Some disadvantages of composites is that it is difficult to inspect the interior layers of the material and requires a more expensive method to inspect the part for flaws. Another disadvantage of composites is that they don’t handle vibrations well, are brittle, and when they break, they shatter into sharp pieces. Most composites will not show up in x-rays, and a bodily injury with composites creates difficult medical challenges.

Mechanical Fasteners, No Welds
The Moment Paramotor is designed and built entirely with mechanical fasteners, primarily steel bolts and lock nuts. There are no welds on the Moment Paramotor.

Practically all commercial aircraft are manufactured with mechanically fastened joints instead of welds. The greatest benefit of using mechanically fastened joints in an aircraft is that they are generally more uniform, stronger and more durable than welded joints. When two components are welded together, the welds can vary greatly, and the weld can be all they way through or just on the surface where only the exterior of the components are joined together. On the other hand, using a mechanical fastener connects the two components uniformly, thus allowing for a stronger and more durable joint.

Mechanical fasteners are also easier to inspect than welded joints. It only takes a quick visual inspection of a mechanically fastened joint to ensure that the two connected components are secure. With a welded joint, complex machines using x-rays, ultrasound, or ultraviolet dyes must be used to test the joined components. There’s no easy or effective way to perform a visual inspection of a welded joint.

If a mechanical fastener is found is damaged and needs replacing, it is a simple process to remove and replace the old fastener or connecting pieces. This saves time, costs, and is generally not intrusive to the aircraft. If a weld is found to be broken or unacceptable the process to fix it is much more intrusive. All of the old weld should be removed which in turn can create a larger gap to fill thus needing to introduce a filler material. If no filler material is needed a new weld must still be completed and must be coated once again with paint to protect the metal. Also, depending on the material, the entire assembly may need to be heat treated and finely inspected with complex machines using x-rays, ultrasound, or ultraviolet dyes.

Therefore, aerospace manufacturing companies use mechanically fastened joints to simplify both the production and maintenance process of their aircraft. For the critical components of an aircraft’s body, mechanical fasteners are also preferred because of their ability to withstand extreme stress without breaking or otherwise succumbing to damage. It’s a safer and more effective way for aerospace manufacturing companies to build aircraft.

Repetitive Components
One of the guiding criteria for the Moment was repetitive component design. Standardization and repetition of parts results in a lower inventory, cost savings, increased supportability, and safety of equipment. Many elements of the cage, arms, spacers, locking tabs, and hardware are identical. Repetitive components also allow pilots to carry spare parts with minimal inventory and cost.

Repetition can seem pretty annoying, but repetition is actually an essential part of artistic design. By systematically and deliberately repeating various elements, designers can add aesthetic depth and unity to their work. It’s a concept so important, that it bears repeating.

Engine Choices
The Moment Paramotor was designed to accept over a dozen engine choices. The frame plates are predrilled with pilot holes for these different engine choices.

Our most poplular engine choices are Vittorazi engines, with the Moster 185 Plus, Moster 185 Dual, and Atom 80.

The Moster 185 is the most popular paramotor engine and 10 years of ongoing evolution, refinement, and competition success. It is the choice of the best pilots in the world thanks to its iconic weight to thrust ratio, innovative design, extreme operational simplicity, and the great fuel efficiency.

The Atom 80 isn’t simply the lightest engine, with a total weight of less than 23 pounds, it’s also used by the most important flight schools around the world. Quiet, smart, fuel-efficient, and with unparalleled comfort, the Atom 80 is the go-to choice for lighter-weight pilots. Vittorazi Website

Throttle Choices
The Moment Paramotor offers several throttle choices in both manual and electric start, left or rigt hand.

Polini Motori throttle control is the standard Moment throttle. The throttle control is small and ergonomic, with responsive and positive control. The throttle control is made of a new mixture of thermoplastic reinforced materials highly resistant to impact, scratches, corrosion, and temperature.

The red switch-off button is positioned to avoid any unintentional switch-off. Available as left or right grip and manual or electric start. The electric start features dual button ignition is designed to avoid unintentional starting. For additional safety, the throttle control can be fixed to the pilot’s hand during the flight with an adjustable velcro band made of non-allergic material.

Upgrade to the Off Grid Aviation throttle available for manual and electric start engines. Ergonomics was at the forefront of the Off Grid Aviation development process. This throttle was designed to be controlled by the fourth and fifth fingers, with a curved portion at the end for the middle finger. This keeps the thumb and index fingers free to easily manage brakes. The throttle has a comfortable foam grip and a high-quality elastic strap to ensure a secure fit. The adjustable strap can be attached to the left or right side, according to pilot preference.

The Off Grid Aviation cruise control system can be quickly set, adjusted, and disabled by the pilot. When the cruise control is activated, the pilot can use the adjustment wheel to finely tune the system to achieve the desired engine RPM. Pilots can quickly disengage the cruise control mechanism by slightly pressing the throttle lever, allowing for safer control of the aircraft. After the cruise control is disabled, the internal mechanism remains in the last used position. This allows the pilot to quickly resume the previous setting during subsequent flights.

Fuel Tank Choices
The Moment Paramotor fuel tanks are available in 10, 12, and 18-liter options providing up to 9 hours of flight time. Polyethylene construction is 30% lighter and more impact resistant than metal fuel tanks. In a crash scenario, polyethylene tanks can deform and rebound without failing. Water vapor forming on the inside of a metal fuel tank can cause it to rust from the inside out, but the non-corrosive polyethylene tank is immune to this shortcoming. The translucent nature of polyethylene allows for easy fuel amount inspection.

Assembly Manual
The Moment is available as an easy and fun Easy2Build option. This is a great option for those who prefer Do It Yourself projects, enjoy the build process, looking for to save a bit of money, and is an excellent step into the world of paramotoring. When you assemble your Moment you will get to know your paramotor inside out! Our Easy2Build option is quick and simple to complete using only basic tools. The Moment Paramotor Assembly Manual contains easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your paramotor. We didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so each step is thoroughly described including clear text, color coded with diagrams and photographs, tips, and links to helpful short videos. All parts and assembly tools are included, and parts are organized into chapter bags. The Assembly Manual also covers maintenance and a pre-flight checklist to maintain your aircraft’s reliability, performance, and safe operation. All of this makes the Easy2Build very friendly to younger builders, too! We are always here to help, or ask the community of Moment flyers in the forum. See the Moment Assembly Manual for yourself.

Moment Paramotors recommends the Helix brand for all propellors. Moment Paramotor offers 2 and 3 blade Helix propeller options.

Helix paramotor propellers are modern carbon fiber reinforced polymer propellers, developed for maximum performance, quality, and durability. The blade surface is protected by a special epoxy resin coating. Due to this aerodynamically smooth surface, the propeller runs more smoothly and quietly. Using special carbon fiber materials, Helix propellers are among the lightest, fastest, and most fuel-efficient paramotor props.

The Moment Paramotor has several harness options and adjustable hang points allow the Moment to accommodate even the largest pilots. Proper hang point and harness adjustment are critical for maximum performance, flying comfort, and ease of launch.

The Comfort Moment Harness was designed to be a lightweight, yet comfortable harness, that can be easily removed and installed on a Moment frame. The Comfort Moment Harness is suitable for both novice and experienced PPG pilots. A wide adjustment range allows the harness to fit any pilot. The strap system offers safety and stability, yet leaves plenty of space for the starting run, effective steering, precise weightshift, and full exercise of the glider’s capabilities. Three storage pockets are featured on the sides and one underseat. The ComfortMoment Harness has builtin buckles for left, right, and center mounted reserves. The Comfort Moment Harness uses Cordura 5012 Ripstop Nylon, and Neoprene for comfort and durability, and polyamide and polyester for added strength in the straps. It is certified EN1651.

The Dudek PowerSeat Comfort Harness incorporates soft arm pads and back support to increase the pilot’s comfort during both launch and flight. The thick foam of the backrest additionally isolates the pilot’s back from the paramotor frame and dampens the vibration.

The PowerSeat Comfort is dedicated to both novice and experienced PPG pilots. A wide adjustment range allows the harness to fit any pilot. Four ball-bearing pulleys considerably improve the speed system operation. The rescue chute V-strap tunnels run on both sides of the harness, so that strap can be held on either the left or right side. Three storage pockets are featured on the sides and one underseat. Side pockets are removable and can be replaced with a reserve pouch.

Harness certification: EN1651.

Safety Netting
The Moment features 360-degree coverage of Kevlar netting. Extremely strong yet lightweight and durable, Kevlar is an excellent material for safety nets. Kevlar is a heat-resistant, synthetic, lightweight fiber that delivers high tensile strength that brings improved protection and performance. It is 95% lighter than steel cables of comparable strength. Kevlar is so lightweight and strong it is used in body armor to withstand the most extreme threats.

Inferior quality safety netting can fail causing serious injury, and poorly designed paramotors have gaps in the netting protection that can also allow brake lines or throttles to be sucked into the propeller potentially causing a serious accident.

Anti-Torque Fins
With hundreds of hours deigning, fabricating, and testings, we have developed an innovative anti-torque fin system that effectively controls and cancels torque. Propeller-induced torque can reduce stability and control. It can even lead to a dangerous riser twist where the pilot and paramotor spin under the wing. The Moment’s innovative anti-torque fins system effectively cancels torque.

The Moment Paramotor can easily be attached or removed from our wheeled trike option. Wheels make launching and landings easier and are prefect for those with physical limitations. Instead of running with a heavy weight on your back you can just roll into the sky. Wheeled trikes also allow for tandem flights.

We have a network of certified instructor’s to train you on how to safely fly your Moment Paramotor. We can can refer you to a Moment Paramotor trainer in your area. These professional instructors are certified through ASC (Aero Sports Connection) association and USPPA, and have years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment for your pleasant and safe instruction and learning.
Find An Instructor

Order your Moment Paramotor direct from our shop or from one of our authorized dealers. You can choose the Easy2Build option where you assemble it yourself with our super detailed assembly manual, or choose the Ready2Fly option to have it professionally assembled and shipped to you nearly ready to fly.