The Moment Was Born

The Moment Paramotor originated as a quest to build the best paramotor possible within a demanding set of design criteria: strong, lightweight, comfortable, easy and fun assembly kit, quick folding for transport or travel, repeating parts and hardware, quality components, innovative safety features, and affordable. The Moment is designed, tested, manufactured, assembled, and shipped at Airparamo’s purpose-built facilities, located south of Phoenix, Arizona between Maricopa and Casa Grande next to Ak Chin Airport (A39).

With over a decade of design, testing, prototypes, more design, more testing, more prototypes, the first Moment arrived in 2018. It began by creating a prioritized set of design ideas, then to lots and lots of drawings and conceptual design studies of the overall frame, then to focused, detailed studies and full size 3D printed models of connection points, and then building 2 complete, full size, proof of concept units. These proof of concept units were so exciting and promising, we committed to build the first of 15 Moment V1 Paramotors. As we assembled and tested these first Moment Paramotors, we uncovered numerous design and manufacturing issues. We developed significant improvements and numerous innovations, and in 2020 we introduced the Moment V2. Version 2 has proven to be hugely successful, better in every way compared to Version 1. Not one to stand still, the Moment Paramotor continues to be refined and updated. Just about all of the improvements and updates are backwards compatible so the original Versions 1 and 2 Moment owners can easily and affordably upgrade their machines to the newest production specifications.

We continue to design and create new features, accessories, and updates for the Moment and are excited for what the future brings to The Moment.

Moment Leadership

A pioneer in paramotoring, Mo Sheldon, the owner of Airparamo, has been a leader in the paramotor industry and training, service and manufacturing. Mo began flying paramotors in 1998, and then to paramotoring full-time in 2001. After decades teaching many hundreds of student pilots, and spending thousands of hours in the air flying and testing products from other manufacturers, Mo sought to build the best paramotor available at an affordable price. The Moment Paramotor is the result of this effort.

Mo has an extensive background in design and a manufacturing. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, working in the architecture field for over 10 years. He transitioned into IT and web development for a number of years, and then to paramotoring full-time in 2001.

Mo has immersed himself into manufacturing, learning metallurgy, electronics, material selection, assembly line production, CNC fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving, vinyl cutting, precision soldering, etc. He began manufacturing the popular line of Grazhopper paramotor trikes in 2004 and began with Moment prototyping as early as 2012.