Why Choose Moment?

Built To Last
Using quality materials, tough finishes, and innovative designs, the Moment is made to be dependable for many years.

Dozens of innovative designs offer cutting edge performance, comfort, strength, & weight savings.

Thousands of flight hours and hundreds of design updates insure the Moment is thoroughly tested for stress, longevity, and ease of operation.

DIY Build Kit
Save more with our fun and easy Do-It-Yourself Build Kit. Using our clear and detailed assembly manual, you can build your Moment in a day.

The cage easily disassembles and assembles in minutes without any tools. For more compact travel, the main frame breaks down in under 20 minutes to fit in suitcases.

Made In the USA
Designed, tested, and assembled in Arizona. Many components and finishes are made in USA.

We stock a complete line of frames and spare parts, ready for immediate shipping or pickup.

Competitive Pricing
We strive to offer great pricing compared to other paramotor options, sometimes thousands of dollars less that some popular brands.

The Moment offers a combination of strength, light weight, comfort, and unique features to appeal to beginner, intermediate, experienced, and acro pilots.

Strength To Weight
The Moment is not the lightest paramotor, but its super tough, capable of handling power forwards, hard landings, and beginner abuse with grace.

Stable, Wide Base
Super wide footprint so it will not easily fall over in transport, on uneven ground, or with a gust of wind.

Our harness utilizes generous padding, numerous adjustability, offers excellent weight-shift capability to accommodate how you fly, and is easy to go from hanging to in your seat.

The torque and hang points are easy to change for both weight and width, to easily accommodates small, light, large, or heavy pilots.

Our weldless, bolted frame makes it easy to quickly replace any damaged parts in minutes. Use of repetitive parts makes it easy to carry spares.

Torque Fins
Using innovative torque compensating fins on the cage, the motor and propeller torque is significantly reduced.

Wheel Capable
Easily adapts and converts to wheels for stress-free take-offs & landing in light winds.

We offer a growing collection of useful and cool accessories for your Moment, with many more in development.

Double Ring Cage
This feature offers superb strength and safety protection to keep paraglider lines and body parts from getting into the prop.

Fully surrounds cage with no big gaps to keep you and your stuff from getting into the prop. Made of UV coated knotless dyneema. It's tough, yet easy to repair or replace.

Constant Updates
We are always on the lookout for better ways to make the Moment. Over the years we have made dozens of improvements and offered free or inexpensive updates to our existing customers.